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We envision an increasingly global marketplace, where our solutions position Tertiary Institutions particularly legacy institutions to favorably compete with international rivals in attracting and retaining domestic and foreign students. The Greenage approach ensures we remain well-positioned to meet the growing demand for investment within the sector, while at the same time assisting our university partners achieve their long-term ambitions.


Our mission is to create exceptional student and academic accommodation infrastructure in partnership with leading Public and Private Tertiary Institutions of Learning with world class focus that promotes Innovation and the development of sustainable communities.


Our vision is to deliver the very best academic housing experience in partnership with Public and Private Tertiary Institutions of Learning.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is  to establish long-term partnerships with leading universities to provide cost-effective funding and high-quality, affordable residential and academic infrastructure.  

Our Projects

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Nsukka, Enugu State

concession status: executed

Maccido Road, Abuja

The Greenage Commitment to Sustainability in numbers

Under our collaboration and partnership with the World Bank IFC-EDGE Building Transformation Programme, Greenage Certifies, and tracks our Infrastructural developments to achieve water savings, reduction in electricity consumption, limit the use of natural resources and track C02 Emissions and Savings across our project portfolios.

Floor Space
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Our focus is to deliver our construction pipeline, improve the residential student experience and maintain and enhance our Shareholders’ value in our existing portfolio.

Greenage is a strategic response towards tackling the affordable and qualitative housing challenge currently plaguing Nigeria’s tertiary education sector inclusive of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.

Greenage will play a facilitation, coordination and development role between government-owned and privately-owned tertiary institutions to create value in Nigeria’s student and faculty housing sector by delivering Green and Sustainable Housing Developments.

Greenage hopes to translate the housing needs of tertiary institutions into a financial language that investors can understand by ensuring the level of financial risk sharing is balanced or appropriate for green housing projects across all public and private institutions that it identifies as a target environment for Housing Investments.


Our strategy is hinged on supporting Tertiary Institutions as a private sector player with the primary mandate of promoting green rental housing within the educational sub-sector. As such, we deem it prudent to intervene in student and faculty accommodation for the following reasons;

  • Student accommodation is a sub sector of housing as an essential part of the economy
  • Students compete for accommodation as part of Nigeria’s housing shortfall The overwhelming demand for student accommodation needs to be fulfilled
  • Intervention can lead to reduced rental cost and increased access to education

Greenage as the Operating Company will engage in extensive marketing campaigns to create awareness of its proposed intervention by liaising with various stakeholders, like the University’s Commission, Association of Vice Chancellors, and Higher Learning institutions, towards the facilitation and delivery of green student and faculty accommodation.

The Greenage Student Housing Programme is supported by our private equity and sustainability-focused intervention platform “Greenage Development Fund” (GDF). Greenage Leverages the capacity of the GDF to create bespoke and long-term partnerships that enable universities to make the most effective use of their assets, free up resources, and improve student services. Greenage funds, designs, develops and operates purpose-built, and affordable on-campus accommodation to deliver the very best student experience in partnership with universities. Over the Years, Greenage has developed a proprietary system of translating the housing needs of tertiary institutions into a financial language that investors can understand by ensuring the level of financial risk-sharing is balanced and sustainable across all public and private institutions that we identify and work with as target environments for Housing Investments.
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Construction & Property Development

Construction & Property Development

For Homes, Hostels, Utility and Infrastructure, electrical installation and maintenance.

Facility management

Facility management

For maintenance of residences, water, sewage & power plants.

Investment & Asset Management

Investment & Asset Management

Cashflow management and collection of rent on properties while acting as an Investment manager for off-takers , Investors and equity partners for the refinancing of equity and or debt.